Our Newest Design With a Clean Cut Design

Royal is our latest model and is based on the popular Epok. Where Epok has a more rustic look, Royal has a clean cut design, with the most prominent feature being the concealed weep holes. Our latest model design came about greatly thanks to our clients’ comments. They have for some time requested a solution with less prominent weep holes – preferably completely concealed ones. This is mainly the case for window replacements in older properties with a more grand design, featuring light coloured windows.

The weep holes become less featuring in darker shades. Together with the Architectural team for the new property development in Royal Wharf in London, we developed the Royal model. The challenge was not only in the design, with concealed weep holes and vents, but we also wanted to be able to meet the market’s demands that we make large and therefore heavy windows, whilst still maintaining Leiab’s superior quality that ensures a long service life.