Material Store

Material Store

Project: 189 apartments (BTR)

Contractor: Interserve

Client: HUB

Architect: Newground Architect

Product: Royal Composite


We have had the pleasure of supplying windows and patio doors for approximately 190 apartment units in one of London’s new exciting residential areas; The Material Store in Hayes. Comprising a total of four buildings,
including an 11 storey high rise, the first batch of windows were delivered in March 2017 and the final delivery was in 2018. The unique and challenging feature about this area in London is where it is situated.

A mere five kilometres from Heathrow Airport, and with railway lines running just outside the apartment units, we knew that we had to deliver maximum sound reductions in our window system while still maintaining a stylish design.

As can be seen from the photos, this has been achieved.

In order to meet the Employers high acoustic requirements and to confirm the design, we conducted various tests on window units identical to the ones to be installed in the apartments prior to going into production. They had to be able to reduce very specific, low sound frequencies on account of the heavy duty diesel locomotives passing by just outside.

Our design team, alongside with our suppliers, devised an elegant solution involving a double frame system, which provides the required sound reduction and also allows for easy ventilation.

With the double frame construction, sound reduction can reach levels as high as Rw 69 dB and the frame depth can range from 175 285 mm in accordance with the Employers requirements.

Most of the windows and patio doors are quite large, the ones greatest in size measure a width of 1200 mm and a height of 2500 mm. Out of the total 1700 window and patio door units, approximately 500 used a double frame construction.